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Access Media NZ Programmes

Cook Islands Health Cook Islands Health
Keep in touch with health news, with interviews, information, community updates.
Health Planet FM
Kalapu Longolongo Kalapu Longolongo
Health and wellbeing advice for seniors and support workers.
HealthTonganPlanet FM
Mantra Yoga Mantra Yoga
Take time out of your day to feel the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of this meditative practice
Health Planet FM
Niue Health Niue Health
Mali and Halo present vital and up-to-date information on a broad range of health and wellbeing topics
HealthNiuean Planet FM
She Moves Podcast She Moves Podcast
For all things motherhood, exercise and realistic self-care with hosts Ren and Jen. Two small town besties and award-winning pre/postpartum fitness trainers who’ve grown a successful community through their online workouts. You’ll hear them chatting about the hard stuff, the invisible load of motherhood, love, loss, juggling balls and trying to find balance. To learn more follow She Moves Instagram @shemovesnz or visit
HealthEnglish Free FM
Soifua Maloloina Soifua Maloloina
Lorenzo helps listeners identify health issues and provides information on where you can go for help. An outreach of the P.I. Health and Welfare group.
HealthSamoan Planet FM
The Joy Jam The Joy Jam
A podcast about joy, adversity, and resilience.
HealthEnglishManawatu Peoples Radio